Lukasz Liebersbach,

Innovation Advisor at Oxford Innovation Services


Lukasz is an experienced Innovation Advisor with a strong background in Design Thinking.

He helps companies understand the benefits of design and implement the design-led approach to product development.

He runs workshops, conducts user research studies and facilitates creative brainstorming sessions that lead to “out of the box” solutions.

He coordinates the “Wake Up Design” event which brings together entrepreneurs and designers.

His work is heavily influenced by experience gained at the Institute of Design at Stanford University, California (commonly known as The

Simon de Kretser,

Managing Partner at FdK Design Consultants


An experienced communication designer helping businesses to tell their stories and engage with their audiences through design and design thinking.

However, it is the design process itself that has always been his main interest and he has built up a wealth of experience and a large portfolio of work across many industry sectors of business from start-ups to large corporations.

Over recent years, Simon has been increasingly interested in sharing his collected experience and knowledge of design thinking and how it relates to all areas of  business.

This has included acting as a business mentor with Young Enterprise at the University of Surrey, and presenting workshops on design in business to students within the University of Surrey ‘Enterprise Skills Ladder’ as well as presenting to the IoD in Surrey and writing a short monograph ‘Good Design is Good Business’.

This can be accessed at

Gus Desbarats,



Gus has been leading top-level design consultancies in the UK since the late 80’s.

His work has won countless design awards and touches the lives of tens of millions of people every day.

He is the founder of Alloy, a leading Industrial-Design consultancy working across product, interaction, service design and strategy.

In addition to directing Device Experience Design for BT, Gus is currently leading a number of projects in connected service system design and the Internet of Things.

Gus is also widely published and a regular speaker on Experience-Led innovation strategies and more widely on the challenging, ever changing, relationship between human behaviour, technology and organisations.

Angela Hobbs,



Angela is responsible for designing, leading and delivering growth strategies at Triteq, building on twenty-five years of successful product design and the increasing range of opportunities to create feasible solutions to challenging problems, in medical, digital healthcare, energy, industrial, lifestyle and consumer markets. Creating products that bring measurable benefits to people.

Angela has introduced a business model to connect start-ups with investors, with a comprehensive feasibility assessment and early stage prototype development service to accelerate routes to market and increase commercial opportunities.

Alan W Brown,

Surrey Business School


Alan W. Brown is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Surrey Business School where he leads activities in the area of design thinking, corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation models.

In addition to teaching activities in entrepreneurship and global strategy, he focuses on innovation in a number of practical research areas with regard to global enterprise software delivery, agile software supply chains, and the investigation of "open commercial" software delivery models.

The result of this work is a series of practical frameworks and success models for advancing enterprise activities in local small-medium businesses, large corporations, and student enterprise groups.

David Frohlich,

Digital World Research Centre, University of Surrey


David Frohlich is Director of Digital World Research Centre at the University of Surrey and Professor of Interaction Design.

He joined the Centre in January 2005 to establish a new research agenda on user-centred innovation in digital media technology.

Current work includes a mixture of PhD and Research Council projects exploring a variety of new media futures relating to digital storytelling, personal media collections, and community news and arts.

Edward Hobson,

Knowledge Transfer Network


Edward is design lead at KTN; helping innovators use design to reach better solutions for people, the planet and business, especially in relation to the challenges that face cities and their communities.

With a background in built environment design and sustainability, he has worked across the public, private and charitable sectors.

Before joining KTN, he directed the policy team at the Green Alliance think tank, influencing UK policy on energy and resources.

Previously, Edward headed up the sustainable design programme at CABE, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, working with public bodies across the UK to design strategic solutions for city development.